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2017 Saturday Bike Ride

TRIBE - Triathlon Club of Southern California, is a triathlon club that supports individuals and groups with passions for swimming, biking and running.  TRIBE connects athletes, provides a network of information, community training, social events and most importantly friendship and fun. TRIBE promotes and encourages members to utilize, local fitness clubs, training programs, coaching and retailers whose vision it is to support our members in a quest for a positive, healthy lifestyle. 


TRIBE is a club for all ages and abilities.  New to triathlons? We would love to give you some tips. Seasoned veteran? Bring us your proven knowledge. TRIBE has a work hard-play hard mentality. Our free time is spent having a great time with great people. New members and ideas are always welcome. 


Check out our Facebook page to see what we have been up to. Or check out out Facebook group (members only) for the most current information on training, events, and social outings. Please contact with any questions.


We look forward to seeing and training with you!   - The Tribe Team


"We've met so many wonderful people upon relocating to Long Beach, and joining TRIBE was instrumental in that fact. I can't imagine anywhere else I'd find a group with this amount of energy, enthusiasm and support.
           - Joshua Hickman, President of TRIBE 
"It has been said you should do something everyday that scares you ... I did, I joined TRIBE-The Triathlon Club of Southern California!"
- Karen Neuhaus
"What made my first Ironman such a great experience was having the support of fellow TRIBE members to commiserate  with, learn from and celebrate with. It wouldn't have been the same without them"
  - Wendy Haase